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First impression is the best impression, right?

My work makes a lasting imprint on your mind because for me videography and photography is an art. It comes from my love to inspire and creating valuable content.

Winter Trail Pictures is a videography, photography and content creation service and brain child of actor and creator Zander De Beer. I aspire to create multimedia content that will blow your mind and inspire to dream. My mission is to create content that will stimulate the creative juices and make great ideas come to life. We strive to provide the best Photography and Videography Pretoria East has to offer.

Videography and digital content creation is the way of the future to help your audience join you with a blast of creativity directly pointed at your brand. This is where I come in to help you make those ideas a reality. With almost six years of experience, I Zander de Beer and my creative partners will guide you step by step in the creative process of motion picture and stills.

Inspiration above validation is key and quality over quantity is the method. I believe in collaboration with other creatives and this broadens my ability to help you get exactly what you need when it comes to content or stills, photography and any corporate video production services. From models, singers, products to brides, I have your creativity as my number one priority!



I have more than six years experience in Videography in a variety of industries. My editing and directing skills set can help you create video content in many ways, with my team at your side to help you create your concept. I help you create extra ordinary motion picture content ranging from; Music videos, Product shoots, Show reel, Wedding Videos, Newborn Videos, Events, Promotional, Short Film, And the list goes on…


Photography is an age old art and that is exactly how I approach this field. Winter Trail Pictures can help you with photography services of just about anything. We collaborate with some of the top photographers and makeup artists in South Africa and we are determined to give you the quality you deserve and pay for.

Content Writing

Apart from our creative vibes behind the camera we also specialize in the art of content writing. Every website design or online platform has a specific target audience you might cater for and requires the most relevant content to attract business. Content should contain keywords aimed towards improving a website’s SEO, and we can help you do exactly that.

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“Your life experience is a moving picture, of which you are the writer,
director, performer, producer and critic.”
– T.F. Hodge


Contact us on 072 416 6385 for Photography & Videography Pretoria East area.

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